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Step 1: Choose a Challis
Fumed Silver Wine Challis
Item# chal01
Fumed Silver Wiped Wine Challis
Item# chal02
Fumed Silver Long Flute Challis
Item# chal03
Fumed Gold Wiped Wine Challis
Item# chal04
Fumed Gold and Silver Dot Champagne Flute Challis
Item# chal05
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Step 2: Choose a Stem
Blue Purple
Item# ste01
Red Gold Silver
Item# ste02
Emerald Green
Item# ste03
Ghost Silver
Item# ste04
Electric Orange Sunset
Item# ste05
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Blue Aqua Green
Item# ste06
Deep Sea Double Blue
Item# ste07
Ghost Gold Silver
Item# ste08
Purple Haze
Item# ste09

Marble Option: Add a marble to a stem
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Or...Create your own, just add a color, or add a color dichroic marble

Custom Samples

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Step 3: Choose a Base
Gold Fumed Wiped Base
Item# bas01
Gold and Silver Fumed Dot Base
Item# bas02
Silver and Color Wiped Base
Item# bas03
Silver Fumed Wiped Base
Item# bas04
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Gold and Silver Striped Base
Item# bas05
Silver and Color Trail Base
Item# bas06
Silver Fumed Clear Trail Base
Item# bas07

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